The most important fac­tor that sep­a­rates the amateur pho­tog­ra­pher from the professional pho­tog­ra­pher is the background.

Amatuers just pho­to­graph the main sub­ject (Boy, Girl, Group of People,  etc.), make sure that their subject is in focus and forget completely about the back­ground. This is a stupendous mistake. The back­ground makes the photograph stand out.

You maybe photographing a couple positioned in front of their porch and you are concentrating on posing the couple and forget about the background. Check out this example of how that might turn out:



What did you learn from the above photograph?

The background is the most essential component in a photograph.

A few tips for better pictures in camera (Without worrying about Post-Processing):

1. Check your Background Before pressing the shutter.
2. Move Your Subject if there is a distracting background.
3. If you can’t move your subject then change your camera angle.
4. Use Aperture to blur the background to avoid distractions.
5. Place subjects at a long distance from the background to create a better depth of field.
6. Fill the frame with the subject. (Eliminate the background altogether.)

Go and try out these tips now.

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