The charges, deliverable and the fine-print.

The duration of the shoot:

  • My portrait sessions last anywhere from an hour to 12 hours.
  • I like to spend sometime in advance getting to know the people I photograph, so that we break the ice between us. Also, it makes the client become more comfortable with the photographer and the camera.

The charges:

  • My charges start from ₹10,000. For customized photography sessions, contact me for pricing.

What does it include?

  • The costs mentioned above are inclusive of the cost for my photography service, any assistant charges and also for post-processing of images. I handle post processing myself and do not delegate the task to any third-party. This lets me keep a complete creative control over the project.
  • I give a soft-copy/files of processed photographs as deliverable. Each of the photographs are usually of 18 or 21 megapixel high quality JPEG files.
  • I guarantee a minimum of 20 photographs.

How long does it take for you to receive the photographs?

  • The delivery date is usually 1 week from the date of completion of the photo shoot.
  • The delivery of the photographs could either take place as an online delivery via my website in a password protected album or shipped on a DVD.

What about Prints and Coffee Table Book / Photo Books?

  • Any additional requirement like photo prints, canvas prints, video slide-shows, digital montages, calendars, coffee table books, etc will all be charged additionally.

The Payment terms.

  • I take 50% payment as advance to book and confirm the dates.
  • The remaining 50% payment is to be made on the day of the shoot. 

Any Additional Charges/Travel & Accommodation.

  • I am based in Kolkata and hence for shoots within Kolkata, there will not be any travel costs. But, if the shoot is in any other city/town, then travel and accommodation costs will be additional.

Copyrights, Fair-use & License Terms


  • As a creative professional and as freelance content creator, I retain the copyrights of the images that I create, for the purpose of fair-use.
  • As a client, you have the license to make personal, non-commercial uses of your photos – like making prints/upload/share online with friends & family and so on –  practically anything, as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you share them with.

What is fair-use? And why is copyright & fair-use important for photographers?

  • As I said above, I retain the rights of my creative work for fair-use.
  • Fair use for creative professionals is the ability to show their work to prospective clients. By fair use, I will probably use the images on my website, blog, internet, social media, magazine or print to promote and showcase my work.
  • You are a prospective client. And you are probably considering to hire me as a photographer because you have seen my work on my website, blog or my social media pages. Or maybe you have read reviews or articles about me and my work on the web or in a publication.
  • The reason you have been able to see and appreciate my work is because of this fair use. If you could not see my work, would you hire me? No, right? So, it is fair to let other prospective clients be able to see the good work that I do at your portrait shoot, isn’t it? Now that’s fair-use.
  • This is how all contemporary photographers work today.

I hope your doubts are cleared, and all your questions are answered. Now, let us make some beautiful photographs.

Please use the contact form page to contact me for portrait sessions or for any other queries.


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